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Skill M51

Skill M51

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M51, the name is reminiscent of a well-known Messier object. Messier, a great French astronomer, had undertaken to catalog comets to join Halley in posterity. After years of observing the deep sky, he began to classify the phenomena observed in a catalog that is still called today: the Messier catalog. Among these celestial objects: M51, the Tourbillon galaxy!

For us, astronomy is a family passion spanning several generations and it was therefore perfectly logical to baptize our calibers with astronomical names linked to their genesis.

M51 is the “prepared” version of what Maëlstrom announced during the first year of our brand: a tourbillon, of course, but now refined with more subtlety and details.

The previously partially opened movement is now reinterpreted with an architecture that will not fail to recall the “Hebdomas” of the heyday and the finishes are correlated between the case and the movement: circled upper faces, sandblasted bottom, hand-polished chamfering.

While the dials of the Maelström remain in the catalogue, various bespoke fabrications are now possible: screwed, engraved or painted dials.

The technical characteristics remain those, remarkable, of the Maëlstrom:

  • Hand-wound movement Ø 31mm
  • Power reserve of more than 100 hours
  • Impact resistance >5000G
  • Full Swiss Made
  • Box Ø 42mm
  • Thickness 12mm
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