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The story begins with a 25-year-old engraver. At the age of 25, he took over a small engraving workshop from a retired elderly couple, and got some old machines that had experienced vicissitudes. Since getting these machines, he has received special requests from well-known watch companies, such as Chronoswiss and IWC, and has since embarked on a journey closely connected with watches. He learns from every watch he makes, he evolves with his watch, he is Jochen Benzinger.

Today, it may be difficult for you to imagine that a well-known independent watchmaker originally wanted to be a dentist. I think the commonality between the two is a pair of skilful hands. It is precisely because of this pair of skilful hands and the talent for creativity and design that Jochen became a gold carver as a matter of course. After he completed his apprenticeship and won many awards, he was able to take over a small business by chance. He even got special permission from the craft association, but he actually completed his master craftsman's diploma while working. With the changes in the jewelry market, Jochen slowly shifted his focus from jewelry to the watch industry. It is also because of his experience in the jewelry industry that his watch works over the years are full of artistic design sense.

Watch Builder - Jochen Benzinger

故事由一個25 歲的雕刻師開始說起。在25歲那年他從一對退休的老年夫婦那裡接手一個小型雕刻車間,得到一些歷經滄桑的舊機器。自得到這些機器開始,他接到要求特別的知名手錶公司,如Chronoswiss IWC等, 從此便踏上了與手錶緊緊相連的旅程。他從他製作的每一塊手錶中學習,與他的手錶共同進步,他就是Jochen Benzinger


鐘錶藝術家-Jochen Benzinger