Collection: Garrick

Born out of a desire to create fine timepieces with a distinctly British character, British watch brand Garrick, produce watches infused with high-quality finishing and delightful details designed to appeal to the cognoscenti. These are timepieces for purists, featuring no-compromise construction and created with a palpable sense of honesty.

Founded by David Brailsford and Simon Michlmayr, Garrick creates fine British timepieces in its own dedicated facility in Norfolk. The brand renounces mass production techniques, preferring to make limited volumes of watches encompassing a high quotient of hand-craftsmanship. Indeed, Garrick only produce a maximum of 50 watches per annum.

From the outset, the company endeavoured to make most of its components internally and over the years it has succeeded in making an ever-increasing number of parts in-house. For example, dials, hands and a multitude of movement parts are all made at the firm’s own workshop in Norfolk.

In 2016, the company released the ‘Portsmouth’, a watch endowed with an exclusive movement, the Calibre UT-G01. This high-end calibre was produced in collaboration with Andreas Strehler.

英國手錶品牌 Garrick 出於創造具有鮮明英國特色的精美鐘錶的願望而誕生,生產的手錶融合了高品質的表面處理和令人愉悅的細節。 這些是純粹主義者的鐘錶,具有毫不妥協的結構,並以明顯的誠實感打造。

Garrick 由 David Brailsford 和 Simon Michlmayr 創立,在其位於諾福克的專用工廠中打造精美的英國時計。 該品牌放棄了大規模生產技術,更願意生產數量有限的手錶,其中包含大量的手工工藝。 事實上Garrick 每年最多只生產 50 隻手表。

從一開始該公司就努力在自家製造大部分組件,多年來它已經成功地在內部製造了越來越多的零件。 例如錶盤、指針和大量機芯部件均在公司位於諾福克的自有車間製造。

2016 年公司發布了“Portsmouth”腕錶,這是一款搭載獨家機芯 Calibre UT-G01 的腕錶。 這種高端機芯是與 Andreas Strehler 合作生產的。