Collection: Celadon

About Celadon Haute Horlogerie
Celadon Haute Horlogerie (Celadon HH) was founded with the sacred mission of creating the very finest Chinese watches, and to establish a purist Chinese haute horlogerie marque of global renown, and in so doing, raise the prestige and reputation of Chinese watchmaking.The characteristics of Celadon HH watches are original and elegant design infused with the charisma and magnificence of five thousand years of Chinese history and heritage, combined with quality of materials and craftsmanship of the highest level, and the advancement of traditional Chinese artisan crafts with centuries or even millennia of history.As the pioneer of Chinese haute horlogerie, Celadon HH has led the way in establishing the governing tenets and characteristics that will define the high watchmaking of China in the decades and perhaps centuries to come.Foremost among these is an overarching trait of yuanman, or “perfection and fulfilment”, communicated through roundness and curvaceousness.In Chinese culture, yuanman connotes perfection, reunion with family and loved ones, a deep sense of satisfaction and contentedness, of abundant prosperity and fullness of riches. This pervading aura of roundness and fullness is reflected in the elegant and gentle sweeping curves in every aspect of the Century’s design.Whereas Swiss movements have traditionally been defined by their elaborate bridge layout, and German watchmaking by their 3/4 plate and colourful blued screws and rubies, Chinese Haute Horlogerie as pioneered and defined by Celadon HH encompasses rich colours with the rose gold 3/4 plate and chatoned rubies, roundedness and curvaceousness, and understated modesty in daring to conceal highly-finished intricate movement components.