Collection: Ataelier Haute Complication

After 14 years of Research & Development with the prestigious FP JOURNE Invenit et Fecit Manufacture , Architect Vladimir Victor NEGAULT passionate about watchmaking decides to found his own Brand in Geneva : ATAELIER HAUTE COMPLICATION and to create new exclusive movements based on very new complications.

And so were created :

- A Tourbillon with an original ringing system , the “Reminder of the Passing Half-Hour”, including an innovative and compact design of the hammers and levers
- A Perpetual Calendar with a Perpetual weekly “Business” Calendar (first Worldwide)
- A Ringing Chronometer “Pendule de Paris” (first Worldwide)
- A Grande Sonnerie of completely revolutionary conception

For the launch of his Brand ATAELIER HAUTE COMPLICATION , Vladimir Victor NEGAULT created an original Chronometer including a Double Time Zone whose display is more forward intuitive and efficient than most Market GMT’s (most of which don’t use the 24h count).

跟隨F.P. Journe 14年的弟子 Vladimir Victor Negault決定在日內瓦創立自己的品牌:ATAELIER HAUTE COMPLICATION,並推出第一款作品,限量99枚的“雙時區”,同時基於全新的複雜功能打造全新的自家機芯。

在2008年,F.P. Journe邀請VV Negault加入世界上最具創意的製表品牌的研發部門:FP JOURNE / Invenit et Fecit,學習了開發機芯和復雜功能的工程工作。 “成為 François-Paul JOURNE 的弟子並不是謙恭,而是貴族頭銜”

在2018年,Vladimir Victor NEGAULT 決定以獨立製表師和概念設計師的身份推出自己的品牌。在 4 年的時間裡,他根據非常新的複雜功能設計了由 5 種不同機芯組成的原創系列。在2022年,推出 ATAELIER HAUTE COMPLICATION 的“雙時區”作為品牌首款發售的作品。

- 帶有原創鳴響系統的陀飛輪,“過去半小時提醒器”,包括創新和緊湊的錘子和槓桿設計
- 帶有永久每週“商務”日曆的萬年曆(全球首創)
- 鳴響“Pendule de Paris”天文台表(全球首創)
- 完全具有革命性概念的 Grande Sonnerie