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Ataelier Haute Complications

Ataelier Haute Complication Striking Tourbillon "Passing Half-Hour Reminder"

Ataelier Haute Complication Striking Tourbillon "Passing Half-Hour Reminder"

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There are two different Times for each of us.

The first is non-linear, strictly personal, depending on our daily experiences, with accelerations and slowdowns. In Universal Litterature this is often expressed as "a Neverending Hour passes" when we are waiting for an event to occure, while the same hour "passes in a Flash" when we are in such a good company that time slips through our "hands".

The second Time is common to all of us, it allows us to syncronize in order to better work or meet together, to be a Society. It is the "average Time", indicated by our watches, a convention unanimously accepted.

How to put these two Times together and live in Harmonie ? We perpetually live in the first Time, and when we want to go "back to Reality" we have to look at our Watch.

The Collectors know it very well : when you own a Luxury Watch, you have to look at it two times if you want to check the time ... you entirely spent the first time admiring your Time-Keeper !

The Striking Tourbillon with a Half-Hour Reminder, by ATAELIER HAUTE COMPLICATION reminds their owner the passing Half-Hours by striking once automatically at the half-hour, and twice on two distinct tones every hour (two "half-hours", witchis its unit).

The original design of its hammers and levers, more compact than that of traditional striking watches allows more precision of the arming rakes and increases the amplidude of the hammers.

A big Inertial Freewheel, heavily weighted and visible on the Bridges side of the watch through the sapphire glass, mounted on the striking train-gear with an unidirectional switchblade, simultaneously insures the spacing (in time) of the two strikes of the Hour, and transmits its inertia to the hammers-arming system.

Unlike the usual devices like Friction-Volants or inertial anchors (currently used by most of the brands), our original Inertial Freewheel is silent and doesn't generate micro-filings by friction inside the watch.

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