Collection: Gustafsson & Sjögren GoS

Gustafsson & Sjögren, GoS Watches, began as a partnership between the master bladesmith Johan Gustafsson and master watchmaker Patrik Sjögren. They first met in 2007 and soon realized that they both share a deep passion for their respective crafts and for the ancient Scandinavian craft tradition.

The process of hand-forging Damascus steel results in every forged piece containing patterns with a different character and personality. This means that every GoS watch is truly one of a kind and a piece of art. Since the summer of 2021, Patrik Sjögren is the sole owner of GoS and the Damascus steel is now produced by another Swedish master bladesmith - Mr. Conny Persson.

A deep passion for their crafts and for the ancient Scandinavian craft tradition has always been the core of GoS values. Scandinavian nature and history are key sources of inspiration when the different elements of the GoS watches are designed. One example of this is the series Nordic Seasons, which shows the contrasts of the seasons in Scandinavia with one color scheme for each season. Another example is the Northern Lights which has been used as inspiration for the Aurora watch. GoS has also revived ancient decoration patterns from the Viking ages and included them in the dials and other parts. The GoS watch hands have been designed with such patterns in mind and are handmade and hand-finished by Patrik Sjögren.

Gustafsson & Sjögren, GoS Watches,最初是刀匠大師 Johan Gustafsson 和製表大師 Patrik Sjögren 的合作夥伴關係。 他們於 2007 年首次見面,很快意識到他們都對各自的工藝和古老的斯堪的納維亞工藝傳統有著濃厚的熱情。

手工鍛造大馬士革鋼的過程導致每一件鍛造件都包含具有不同特徵和個性的圖案。 這意味著每一塊 GoS 手錶都是獨一無二的藝術品。 自 2021 年夏季以來,Patrik Sjögren 成為 GoS 的唯一所有者,大馬士革鋼現在由另一位瑞典刀匠大師 Conny Persson 生產。

對工藝和古老的斯堪的納維亞工藝傳統的熱愛一直是 GoS 價值觀的核心。 在設計 GoS 手錶的不同元素時,斯堪的納維亞的自然和歷史是靈感的主要來源。 這方面的一個例子是北歐四季系列,它展示了斯堪的納維亞半島四季的對比,每個季節都有一種配色方案。 另一個例子是北極光,它被用作 Aurora 手錶的靈感來源。 GoS 還復興了維京時代的古老裝飾圖案,並將其融入錶盤和其他部件中。 GoS 手錶的指針在設計時就考慮到了這種圖案,並由 Patrik Sjögren 手工製作和完成。