Collection: Ludovic Ballouard

Following many very successful years as a watchmaker Ludovic Ballouard decided to follow his greatest dream in the late spring of 2009 which had always been to create his own watches as he had a head filled with ideas for eccentric complications.

Following his departure from Franck Muller, one afternoon Ludovic telephoned a friend who was working at F.P. Journe and as fate would have it a highly sought-after position as a watchmaker had become vacant that very morning. He was initially only going to work for six months but ended up staying for seven years. In his last three years with F.P. Journe Ludovic was responsible for assembling the outstanding and extremely complicated Sonnerie Souveraine, his work with these marvels proved that Ludovic Ballouard was and is a highly talented watchmaker.

Ludovic Ballouard had the idea of creating a highly complicated and eccentric timepiece with the utmost simplicity in its presentation of time. Ludovic wanted to remind people that the most important time is the present and the Upside Down perfectly embodied that. The way time is presented in the Upside Down should remind you how important it is to live in the moment. The past and the future time is, literally, presented upside down to tell you that there should be no regrets about the past which you cannot change and no qualms for the future which you don’t know anything about.

Driven by his original idea and philosophy Ludovic Ballouard went on to create his next model, the Half Time, which was presented in January of 2012. The Half Time is even more complicated, but it maintains the original philosophy by having a dial that presents time simply. The numeral that gives you the time is whole at the position of 12 o’clock while the rest of the numerals are cut in half, perpetually reminding you that the most important time is the present. Ludovic Ballouard had the choice of including the minutes in the middle of the dial however he opted for making the movement even more complicated by integrating the retrograde minutes, staying true to his desire of continuously adding complications to his timepieces.

For both Upside Down and Half Time, Ludovic Ballouard focused on finding a method so that the back of his timepieces truly displayed all the aspects of the movement to the naked eye. His idea is that the dial should bring a smile to your face while the movement will fascinate you, as you can see the whole complication set moving through the sapphire crystal display back.

在作為一名製表師取得多年成功之後,Ludovic Ballouard 於 2009 年春末決定追尋他最大的夢想,這一直是創造他自己的手錶,因為他滿腦子都是關於古怪複雜功能的想法。

離開 Franck Muller 後,有如上天的安排,F.P. Journe一個備受追捧的鐘錶匠職位在那天早上就空缺了,Ludovic加入了。 他最初只打算工作六個月,但最後卻待了七年。 在他為 F.P. Journe工作的最後三年裡, Ludovic 負責組裝出色且極其複雜的 Sonnerie Souveraine,他這些夢幻般的作品證明了 Ludovic Ballouard 過去和現在都是一位才華橫溢的製表師。

Ludovic Ballouard 的想法是創造一款高度複雜和創新的時計,並在時間呈現上極其簡單。 Ludovic 想提醒人們最重要的時刻是當下,而 Upside Down 完美地體現了這一點。 時間在顛倒中的呈現方式應該提醒你活在當下是多麼重要。 過去和未來的時間,從字面上倒過來告訴你,不要為你無法改變的過去而遺憾,不要為你一無所知的未來而憂慮。

在他最初的想法和理念的推動下,Ludovic Ballouard 繼續創造他的下一個型號,Half Time,於 2012 年 1 月推出。Half Time 更加複雜,但它通過一個顯示時間的錶盤保持了最初的理念,簡單地顯示時間的數字在 12 點鐘的位置是完整的,而其餘數字則被切成兩半,時刻提醒您最重要的時間就是現在。 Ludovic Ballouard 選擇將分鐘設置在錶盤中央,通過逆跳分鐘使機芯更加複雜,忠於他不斷為他的時計增加複雜功能的願望。

對於 Upside Down 和 Half Time,Ludovic Ballouard 專注於尋找一種方法,讓他的時計背面能夠用肉眼真實地展示機芯的所有方面。 他的想法是,錶盤應該讓您面帶微笑,而機芯會讓您著迷,因為您可以通過藍寶石水晶顯示屏背面看到整個複雜功能。