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Vianney Halter



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Name: Scriptura

Functions: hour, minute, second

Size: 38 x 9,5 mm

Material: Titanium and 18 Kt yellow gold

Movement: U30A

Balance frequency: 21’600 v.p.h.

Jewelling: 30 rubies

Winding: automatic, fitted with the patented VH „mystery mass“ winding rotor

Power reserve: 56 hours


To celebrate the 2022 New Year I would like to introduce you my new piece from the Classic family:

SCRIPTURA a 12 pieces limited edition

The historically Chinese way of recording time and the calligraphy art are my inspiration for this piece.

The artist Liang YIN has calligraphed the 12 characters on my demand. They have then been identically reproduced with hand engravings in a yellow solid gold dial.

They represent the Earthly branches of the sexagenary cycle, an ancient Chinese system used in Antiquity to number the time units. The 12 Earthly branches associated with the 10 Heavenly Steams compose a cycle of 60 terms used to represent years, months , days or hours.

In chinese tradition it is regarded as the first Chinese calendar, created by the Yellow Emperor on the 27th century before our era. Scripts of this method have been found on Oracle Bones from the 11th century BC. It continues to have a role in contemporary Chinese astrology.

The pieces are numbered from 0 to 12. The 38mm case is made from titanium and the dial is hand engraved in solid gold. The 56 hours power reserve automatic mechanism is fitted with VH“mystery mass“ winding rotor. The hours/minutes/seconds/ is a 12-hour display. I used the 12 characters for aesthetic and symbolic reasons, rather than for a literal representation of hours.

May the Year of the Tiger bring you awareness, respect and innovation

Longue vie et prospérité!

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