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Qian GuoBiao

Qian GuoBiao Small Seconds (PROTOTYPE)

Qian GuoBiao Small Seconds (PROTOTYPE)

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AB-02, a small second wristwatch featuring a classic black dial. This watch exudes a vintage charm, embodying a sense of antiquity in its design and construction. It boasts a traditional 3/4 bridge and is equipped with a free-sprung lotus balance, a sophisticated mechanism that fine-tunes the balance wheel with precision screws.

Adding to its elegance is a rhombus-shaped balance cock and a feather crown anti-reverse ratchet, all meticulously crafted. The watch is further enhanced by its matte polishing, lending it a refined, understated allure.

Each aspect of this watch's design reflects Qian's commitment to blending time-honored watchmaking techniques with his unique artistic vision.



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