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LYH Sea Turtle

LYH Sea Turtle

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LYH self-made manual winding mechanical movement with 38-hour power reserve"

Sea Turtle, with same Chinese pronunciation of “overseas returnee”, contains the good meaning and blessing for overseas students & entrepreneurs who return to his/her motherland after obtaining the expected results.

Independent Watchmaker Lin creatively put hour hand, minute hand and escapement on the same pivot. With balance wheel visible in the middle, people can feel the passing of time more clearly and dynamic. The bold design of the rhombic turtle-shell-shaped watch case, together with four stretching horns, forms the image of a sea turtle swimming freely in the ocean. The front of the watch is decorated with gorgeous golden relievo plate,while the back contains patterns from traditional Chinese Sichuan Opera, integrated with the streamline design elements of a famous traditional Chinese architecture- Turret of Palace Museum. "

Case Size: 37.3mm×39.5mm  


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