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Handmade Greased Calf Leather Strap

Handmade Greased Calf Leather Strap

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Greased leather (fat leather) is a type of leather in which the leather is treated with natural oil or wax and has thereby a particular greasy and waxy surface. The colour of the leather is not applied with a coating but is deeply impregnated, in a way that the structure of the leather is clearly visible.

Greased leather becomes generally more beautiful through use. Greased leather bands need low maintenance. Scratches can be removed by hand. The warmth of the hand makes natural oil reappear, eliminating the scratch. In use, a so-called patina, a dark colour, quickly develops especially with leather that comes into contact with skin fat. This is part of the product and this is what makes it unique.

When the leather is stretched, the colour becomes lighter in these areas (the change in colour is not permanent). This is why greased leather is also referred to as pull-up leather. The stretching can give the leather a lively finish because the leather is not stretched the same amount everywhere.

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