The first Norrsken Rissa by GoS is now available at Independent Watcher

The first Norrsken Rissa by GoS is now available at Independent Watcher

First of all, we must thank GoS and Patrik for making the special edition of "Norrsken Rissa" for Independent Watcher. Although we know that GoS Norrsken is an extremely beautiful work, the beauty of Norrsken Rissa is far beyond our imagination and expectations.

Norrsken Rissa is the latest addition to the brand's flagship Norrsken collection. Rissajaure is one of the northernmost alpine lakes in Sweden. It is this beautiful lake that inspires GoS. The fascinating blue-green color of the dial is like the reflection of the Northern Lights in the sky on the lake at night, and also like the reflection of the lake in the daytime. waves. It was also a truly collaborative effort, bringing together many independent artisans to create a dial that embraced the spectacle of the Northern Lights within its innovative use of luminescent materials and hand-blown crystals.

Named after the Northern Lights, this timepiece captures the appearance of swirling lagoon lights dancing across northern skies. The watch draws upon the expertise of various artisans and encompasses a choice of a Damascus steel dial or a hand-guilloché dial. A handblown index ring, formed of Swedish crystal, allows an extraordinary degree of luminescence to pass through its clear surface, flooding the dial with lagoon tones.

The Norrsken is available with a choice of case rings, dials, and bezels. At the heart of the watch is the Calibre GoS03, featuring premium finishing and a customised micro-rotor hand-forged in Damascus steel.

GoS, based in Linköping, Sweden is proud of its Scandinavian heritage. Over the years, we have created watches inspired by Scandinavian history and nature and the Norrsken, the Swedish term for the Northern Lights, emulates the appearance of this natural phenomenon. 

The Norrsken, housed in a 41.5mm stainless steel case, encompasses an array of materials. It is available with a Damascus steel dial, a material synonymous with GoS, or a hand-guilloché dial. This latter option is produced in collaboration with the renowned guilloché specialist, Jochen Benzinger. Both dial options evince the same captivating fuchsia hue. GoS can also manufacture the case in precious metals upon request.

The Damascus steel dial is hand-forged and features a unique Northern Lights motif. It combines matte black and high-gloss polished warm fuchsia tones and depicts the animated motion of the Northern Lights swirling colors. An index ring, encircling the dial, is produced by Swedish master craftsman, Mikael Kenlind of Vas Vitreum. This clear index ring is hand-sculpted and handblown in Swedish crystal, a rare form of glass seldom seen outside of the country. Twelve small fixation points hold the index ring in place, allowing a degree of flex and thereby mitigating the risk of damage should the watch be subject to impact.

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