Exploring the GoS Sarek Rissa: A Limited Beauty from the North

Exploring the GoS Sarek Rissa: A Limited Beauty from the North

In the world of watch connoisseurs, there is an inherent appreciation for diversity in style, and for those with a penchant for exquisite craftsmanship, the Swedish independent brand GoS holds a unique allure. Renowned for its intricate use of Damascus steel, GoS has recently expanded its offerings to include watches without this signature material, while still adhering to Scandinavian heritage and folklore. The GoS Sarek Rissa, the latest creation from this northern European brand, takes inspiration from the Norrsken Rissa, bestowing its distinctive color onto the second-generation Sarek case.

The genesis of the Sarek Rissa was a client's request for a guilloché dial within a slightly slimmer case than the Norrsken. This led to the creation of the Sarek Rissa, utilizing a case akin to the Sarek Trollius, albeit without the intricate scrollwork on the bezel and the gold pins in the scalloped sides. The case is a captivating blend of brushed and polished surfaces, meticulously highlighting its multifaceted nature.

The Sarek Rissa's dimensions encompass a 41.5mm width and an 11mm height stainless steel case, in contrast to the 12.1mm height of the Norrsken. The watch features a sapphire crystal both on the front and back, while the handcrafted crown takes the form of a Viking sword hilt. Interestingly, while the Sarek Rissa does not incorporate Damascus steel components, they can be incorporated upon request, albeit for a premium.

GoS is renowned for the intricate details of its Damascus steel cases and dials, as well as guilloché patterns inspired by the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. The Sarek Rissa falls under the latter category and, despite not featuring the complex patterns of forged metals that GoS is known for, it remains extraordinarily detailed. Each dial is hand-turned by Jochen Benzinger, a renowned guilloché craftsman. After this meticulous process, each dial undergoes additional machining, finishing, and receives a nano-ceramic color application. This process, delicate and intensive, ensures that each dial is crafted individually from start to finish. The hand-blown Swedish crystal chapter ring receives enamel paint on its underside, enhancing its allure.

The watch relies on traditional spearhead-shaped hour and minute hands, as well as a slender needle-like seconds hand, in line with GoS's distinct style. A noteworthy trend in the watch industry is the adoption of the 100-series movements by La Joux-Perret, which is embraced by more brands. GoS introduced the G101 automatic movement with the 2023 edition of the Sarek Trollius. This caliber operates at a rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour and offers an impressive 65-hour power reserve. The rotor, crafted from tungsten, is adorned with a gold Triskele (triple drinking horn) medallion. For admirers of the craft, the movement can be observed through the sapphire crystal caseback.
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